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August 13, 2021

Dana Point, CA (AUGUST 12, 2021) -- Harcourts North America, known for its industry-leading technological advancements, has evolved yet again. They continuously strive to make the process of buying and selling homes for both agents and clients as streamlined, transparent, and profitable as possible while remaining focused on the human element of the business.

"Harcourts technology is a compliment to the agent," said Ben Brady, Harcourts North America's CEO. "We want to make sure that we don't lose sight of the agent interaction in an emotional transaction. So, therefore, we are not looking to replace the agent, however, rather enhance the level of service and value they bring, not only to the transaction but to the end outcome of the real estate sale."

As Harcourts North America continues its rapid growth across the continent, they have remained steadfast on changing how agents and clients do business, with technology at the forefront of these interactions. "Our one-stop-shop for real estate technology has been simplified for our agents, allowing them to be less distracted by the technology, and have it become more of an asset for their business." Brady went on to say, "Too often, you see agents buy into the fact that technology will do most of the work for them. We are a transactional organization that focuses on, yes, technology, but mainly, ensuring that our agents are the very best in the industry at negotiation and ensuring that there is no money left on the table for sellers and the best deal possible for a buyer."

The enhancements Harcourts North America has made this month alone are:
  • Harcourts North America Website Re-Launch – Crafted with their current and future clients in mind, Harcourts North America's new website is wholly focused on functionality. The site has been designed as an all-inclusive database, including multiple features that will simplify the home buying and selling process for all of their client's needs. Newly added features include a property search function, an agent/office database, their one-of-a-kind auction platform, Harcourts North America Press Page, and much more.
  • Free/Customizable Agent Websites – Every agent on the Harcourts team now has access to their own, free, personal website. These sites are completely customizable to meet each agent's particular needs.
  • Titlefy Partnership - Titlefy is a cutting-edge data integration and property data feed that is now integrated into all Harcourts North America websites. This partnership provides Harcourts with a profound advantage in the industry, as Titlefly gives agents access to market information before any other company. With this leg up, Harcourts North America has a head start on the business, allowing them to dominate the industry.
  • CONNECT Updates – CONNECT is Harcourts cutting-edge internal transaction management system with complete MLS integration. This technology allows Harcourts North America to project office and agent income, which assists in all business planning for the future. CONNECT, constantly adapting to the market trends, meets our agents and business owners' needs, who are also continuously adapting to the market.
  • Redeveloped Harcourts Hub – The Harcourts Hub is the internal platform that grants all Harcourts agents access to everything they could need in their business pursuits. The Hub provides everything from a full calendar of events, to marketing and prospecting materials, to virtual and self-paced training sessions. The Hub also allows Harcourts agents to access their personal "Blue" profile, allowing them to organize a contact database, keep track of their pipeline, their business plan, email marketing capabilities, and much more.
  • Harcourts Studio – A brand new, user-friendly, customizable marketing design and print center tailored to assist agents with all property marketing materials that they may need. These materials include postcards, flyers, door hangers, business cards, social media tiles, and anything else the Harcourts agents may find they need in their business pursuits. Agents also have the choice of downloading these materials to their computers for local printing, having Harcourts Studio print and mail them directly to the agent, or having the materials shipped to residents of a specific neighborhood. Simplifying the process, the Harcourts Studio is tied into the MLS, allowing agents to enter an MLS number for a property, which will then automatically populate materials customized to that residence.
  • Agent Starter Packs – These Welcome/Starter Kits provide a great way to welcome a new member to the team on their first day. Located in the Harcourts North America merchandise shop, these kits are gender-specific and allow you to choose between a Basic and Premium options.

The Harcourts Auction Platform that Harcourts agents can offer their clients is a one-of-a-kind service that is growing more robust as many exciting technology enhancements are on the horizon. Keep an eye out for future tech enhancements to the Harcourts Auction platform happening very soon.

Despite the advantages these technological enhancements bring to the industry, Brady has made it clear that Harcourt North America is still entirely focused on the human interactions of the business. "Our vision for Harcourts is to build success and enhance it with technology. Not to buy success and sell people on the idea that they don't have to work anymore because of technology. We are a very realistic real estate company that knows that tech is the future of enhancing the real estate transaction, but not the future of the overall transaction." Brady finished by pointing out that, "This methodical approach and deep understanding of all elements of real estate, which our leadership team has on hand, has allowed us to develop this technology to be as real-world as possible for our agents."