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Harcourts North America
October 07, 2021

MONARCH BEACH, CA. (OCTOBER 7, 2021) -- Harcourts North America, the world’s fastest-growing real estate agency, launches Harcourts Studio, a brand new, one-of-a-kind marketing integration system. 

“Harcourts Studio is a dynamic opportunity for agents to seamlessly integrate properties from MLS to a marketing platform that not only allows them to have the up to date marketing templates from a Harcourts brand refresh perspective, it also allows co-branding so that they can have their own logo and team metrics on all marketing,” said Ben Brady, Harcourts North America’s CEO. Powered by Breakthrough Broker, Harcourts Studio gives agents access to customizable marketing materials for every property by simply inputting the MLS number and then importing the data to any available template. Advancing its impact on the industry, Harcourts Studio allows its agents to select a specific region they are targeting and have those custom materials mailed to those homeowners within minutes. “This type of collaboration is unheard of in the industry,” stated Brady. 

A driving force behind the creation and integration of Harcourts Studio is the constant drive to stay true to the Harcourts philosophy of “People first.” Harcourts Studio frees up significant time for each agent, who can now spend that time and energy meeting the needs and wants of their clients. Brady explained that he understands the marketing needs will evolve but that Harcourts Studio is ready for it. “It is a living, breathing organism where developments, templates, and consistent updating happens on a daily basis. With each login, our agents will have an up-to-date perspective on anything new that is coming in from a marketing perspective to keep us at the cutting edge of real estate marketing.” 

Harcourts North America is a premier full-service real estate agency specializing in residential, commercial sales, and property management services. Wholly focused on people and their community, Harcourts continually strives to build better relationships with clients from past, present, and the future. They provide a caliber of service and a level of results that go beyond and stand above traditional real estate companies.

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