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What To Look For When Putting Down Your Roots

Harcourts North America
December 09, 2021

Much like how a plant draws nourishment from healthy soil in order to flourish through its intertwining roots, you want to make sure your ideal home is in the perfect environment to make you feel comfortably settled. The right spot will allow you and your family to feel content while establishing yourself in the community. Owning a home can sometimes have an overwhelming 'permanent' feeling tied to it. Therefore, you will want to ensure your surroundings are just what you're looking for when putting down your roots. How do you decide on a place to live that is an excellent match for your lifestyle expectations and principles? This decision is a crucial question to ask yourself before you dive into the deep end of the pool and purchase that home of your dreams, so let's try to find some answers.

Neighborhood Necessities

Choosing the right neighborhood is very important since, hopefully, you will be living in this spot for many years to come. First off, be sure to explore possible, welcoming communities by driving through some of your desired areas to see which ones give you a good feeling while enjoying the scenery. Get out of your car and get some fresh air by walking around the streets to get a feel for the neighborhood. Who knows, you might even stumble upon a hidden gem by searching unfamiliar areas on your walk.

Once you find an area that you are comfortable with, be sure to drive back frequently to see what it is like during different times of the day. See how it is early before work, afternoon for a sense of when school lets out, and evenings or weekends for noise comparisons. Check out local traffic patterns, so you have an idea about your commute during different times of the week as well. Use every resource you can find online to help you distinguish the best place to live and the crime stats in the area. 

Familial Obligations

Whether you already have a family or are considering having kids down the road, you will want to research the quality of schools in your area. Do the local schools near the neighborhood that you've become attached to suit your child's educational needs? You must consider and research the school district within the area to ensure that there are institutions that you would want your children to attend while living in the neighboring area. Are the schools close to your new home, or will it be a long bus ride to reach their place of education? Once your little one's school location is identified, you can research their academic guidelines to ensure it is up to you and your family's standards.

Interests, Activities, & Amenities

When looking for the ideal place to settle down and embrace your new home life, you want to imagine what your spare time will look like and if the surrounding area supports these interests. Does the city or town closest to your neighborhood offer various recreational, artistic, or social activities to partake in whenever you like? Or do you enjoy the great outdoors, and are there opportunities for you to walk, bike, hike, and exercise within a reasonable distance from your home? How far is the closest grocery store, gas station, post office, restaurant, movie theater, or shopping center? Take a tour around the area and make sure you and your loved ones have everything you need at your disposal at a moment's notice. You should be able to take a deep breath and embrace the comfortability of your living situation, knowing that everything you need is just around the corner.

Root Down

Most importantly, you will want to find a reliable real estate agent. The right agent can help you sort through your housing wants and needs, pinpointing the perfect place for you to purchase a property. With the combination of this new partnership and doing your financial and pre-approval due diligence, you will know what and where you can afford to settle down. It is now that all your hard work and research pay off. You will know what neighborhoods are safest, where you and your family can spend your spare time, and what schools are best for your children. With this information, you and your agent will have no problem locating the new home where you can finally put down your roots.